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6.3.6. Преподаватель говорит, что вы или ваш друг совершили что-то в прошлом. Вы не соглаша­етесь, утверждая, что вы этого не делали.
1. You rang me up yesterday. 2. You went to the re-staurant last week. 3. You forgot to send the telegram. 4. You went shopping at 5 o'clock yesterday. 5. You brought some magazines to the lesson. 6. You bought a new car last month.

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1. Не (know) several foreign
languages. 2. We (learn) about this from your letter. 3. Usually the delivery
(begin) after our reception of your payment. 4. He often (visit) them last
year. 5. As a rule we (sell) the goods by lots. 6. She (work) abroad next year.
7. She (not/receive) the mail yesterday. 8. Our customers usually (ask) many
questions. 9. At present he (work) with a big trade firm.
Mr. Smith is not in. He (go) away five minutes
He (write) the letter but...

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Ребят, кто знает английский, помогите, проверьте и если не сложно -исправьте !!буду очень благодарна! 1.The film left a great impression! One of the main roles, the role of elder sister Elizabeth Bennet played one of the best actresses of our time Keira Knightley. She managed as close as possible to the image of a young English girl of the time and with precision to display the character of the heroine on ekrane.Ispolnitel male role charming and touching. The special charm and unforgettable give...

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Переведите предложение на английский язык, используя оборот "there+be"
1.в начале 1930-х годов (early in the 1930s) был экономический кризис названный "Великой депрессией ("Great Depression")
2.существует ряд причин высокой безработицы в этом районе
3.существуют творческие (creative) и нетворческие профессии.
4.существует несколько факторов, влияющих на спрос на товар .

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I didn't ring you up yesterday. I didn't go to the restaurant last week. I didn't forget to send the telegram. I didn't go shopping at 5 o'clock yesterday. I didn't bring any magazines to the lesson. I didn't buy a new car last month.

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