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Помогите преобразовать в косвенную речь.

Convert into reported speech. Pay attention to the sequence of tenses.
1. He said, " Last week I visited our partners at their premises."
2. She asked her boss, " Why haven`t you typed all the documents?"
3. He asked me, " Where will you spend your holidays?"

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ВУЗы, Колледжи: Помогите преобразовать в косвенную речь.

2 года назад Помогите пожалуйста с английским

косвенную речь в прямую.
fox who had lost his tail called the other foxes together and standing
with his back against a tree told them that the tail was of no use
and should be cut off, and that if all agreed to do this no one could
feel ashamed of having lost it.
tail he said was the source of all their dangers, for the fox was
hunted for the sake of the tail, and not for the sake of its flesh
or fur. An old fox thanked the speaker for his advice, but asked...

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2 года назад "Все еще только начинается... " (речь по случаю окончания школы"

помогите пожалуйста написать речь по случаю окончания школы... очень срочно нужно... завтра зачет по культуре, а я не могу сообразить с чего начать и что вообще писать ((

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